Michaelé Rose Watson commissioned for stained-glass window and doors at new CarolinaEast Cancer Center Chapel

Michaelé Rose Watson

SECU Comprehensive Cancer Center at CarolinaEast Medical Center commissioned the prestigious Chapel Stained-Glass project to local artist, Michaelé Rose Watson. Michaele has extensive experience in commercial, residential, and preservation stained glass creations and brings a wealth of talent to the inspirational Chapel named The Faith, Hope & Love Chapel.

The three-story, 80,000 square feet, $37 million Cancer Center offers radiation oncology, medical oncology, nutrition services, social worker and psychological support services, and a palliative care and survivorship program, among other services. The Faith, Hope & Love Chapel is near completion and will offer spiritual solace for patients, visitors, and employees alike.

Michaelé’s stained-glass designs consist of four windows and one door.  The initial design has been approved, and Michaelé has completed a full-scale pattern. Michaele is incorporating Lambert’s mouth-blown hand-crafted glass, known as “glass with a soul.” The German glassmaker is still using the traditional methods developed in 1887. The color palette consists of blues and greens combined with Kokomo clear ripple glass to resemble the water features that grace the award-winning medical center’s logo and architectural elements.

Michaelé says, “I am extremely honored to be chosen to create the environment for The Faith, Hope & Love Chapel inside the Cancer Center. For over 35 years, I have designed custom stained-glass creations for patrons. This commission will be my first project creating the environment for an entire room.

Green Lambert glass

As I began researching the healing colors for cancer, I felt an enormous responsibility to help ease the stress of patients and staff who walked through this door. The theme is the ‘Flow of Water,’ with splashes of colors that reflect our native eastern North Carolina landscapes. My goal was to create a design where people would experience serenity, tranquility, coolness, and calm when they entered the Chapel. I wanted The Faith, Hope & Love Chapel to be a place to focus on healing.”

Michaele acquired the skills of traditional stained-glass restoration in the early 70s and has flourished as a sought-after artist ever since. Her commissions include commercial, residential, and preservation pieces, including the restoration of Luxfer/prism transom tile panels that distinguish many of New Bern’s historic buildings. After graduating with a BFA in ceramics at East Carolina University in 1991, Michaelé’s art interest expanded to clay. She produces unique sculptures, including nautical orbs, gold leaf bowls, eggs, and more. You can visit Michaelé’s Studio M on the first floor of her renovated 100-year-old building at 217 Middle Street, New Bern.

By Gayle Albertini