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Living in New Bern Now and Beyond – Episode 148

The Podsquad is connecting you with the community by talking about the people, places, and local resources in New Bern, NC, and surrounding areas!

The Podsquad: Talina Massey (Business Savvy), Kathy Morrison (New Bern Historical Society), Colleen Roberts (City of New Bern) and I talked about all kinds of things related living in the greater New Bern area and beyond.

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Show notes:

Look at minutes:

1:18 – Catching up with The Podquad

1:50 – Juneteenth Exhibit at the Bank of the Arts

2:13 – Young Urban Professionals of ENC (YUP) Book Series

2:27 – Optimal Performance Summit

3:51 – Contest

5:09 – It’s important to “Get Centered” during these difficult times

6:35 – The Bright Side – New Bern Now Private FB Page

7:18 – River Bend Community Organic Garden

8:29 – Spending time with Nature

9:06 – Escaping to the Beach

10:32 – Happy Birthday, Kathy!

11:30 – Cooking is a great way to unwind

12:43 – Take a Daytrip

14:00 – Reading to relax

14:35 – Social Media Minute

15:28 – Peter Azzole – New Book “Peenemunde”

16:08 – City of New Bern Public Works Cleanup Project in Duffyfield

20:07 – Greenwood Cemetery

21:20 – The Great Fire of New Bern by Carol Becton

22:58 – New Bern Then and Now by Jim Hodges

23:35 – The Ghent Neighborhood by John Leyes

23:48 – New Bern’s Downtown Renaissance by Susan Moffat-Thomas

25:27 – Segregated Schools in New Bern

26:49 – City of New Bern presents Drive-in Movies

30:11 – Eat in the Streets – Street Café’s

30:56 – Pedestrian Bridge connecting Riverwalk to Union Point Park

32:28 – Walking in the New Bern Mall

32:59 – Entrepreneurs Readjusting their Business Models and Collaborating

33:42 – African American Lecture Series at Tryon Palace

34:36 – Black Broad Street Association

39:08 – Small Business Center at Craven Community College

40:17 – The Village

40:48 – Featured Artist: Lee Hood

41:45 – Sewing is an essential skill

44:10 – Habitat Restore – Instore Silent Auction

45:06 – Next Chapter Literary Magazine

45:30 – Craven County Schools – Roadmap to Reopen Community Survey

45:58 – Re-opening of Saint Paul Catholic School and Epiphany School of Global Schools

46:15 – Contest: North Carolina’s Official Gemstone

47:49 – Go Gemmin’ in your backyard

50:06 – Business Savvy Tip

51:58 – Merchant’s Grocery – Power of Community

53:41 – Randy Foster and the New Bern Post

54:05 – City of New Bern Busier than ever

56:29 – Joke Time with Laura

57:05 – Planting Vegetables in Small Spaces

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