Video of Holiday Season Memories: Past and Present in New Bern

Narrated by the Late Greg Smith of Mitchell Hardware with The Podsquad

Greg Smith (December 23, 1955 – January 29, 2018)

Greg Smith was known to many of us as the “Ambassador of New Bern” and “Mr. Downtown”. He was a Beacon of Hope, Determination, and Joy and he inspired us as a Community Leader!

In November 2017, Greg joined us during our podcast and we thought sharing his words may uplift you as much as they do for us! We wanted to share his infectious, positive outlook on life with you, hoping they will be a reminder for all of us to appreciate each other and our great town. Especially, if you’re having a tough time during the holiday season.

Last month, we put out a call to action for people to share their photos with us so we could create an array of photos to epitomize our community and everyone who makes it so special!

We received a lot of photos from people who wanted to share their memories. We really appreciate Justine Cabrara, Lexi Cassera, Ronald Cousino, Debi Edwards, Jeanne Julian, Joanna Bell Gaskins, Leanna Mariiee, Victor Montgomery “Photos by Vic”, Tammi Newton, Winnie Smith, and Kevin Yates, for taking the time to share your memories with us. If you sent us pictures and don’t see them, unfortunately, the image resolution was too low to display. Other images were ones that we captured over few years.

Watch the video and see if you and your family, business, and/or non-profit are part of the video slideshow about our great town of New Bern, NC and check out festivities like Beary Merry Christmas!

We encourage you to stop by Mitchell Hardware and meet Greg’s Daughters, Lindsay Sims and Winnie Smith. Share your memories of Greg with them and help them through this holiday season. They truly stepped up for our community by taking over where Greg left off. We love you, Winnie and Lindsay!

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions by sending an email or calling 252-259-6853.

Thanks for watching!

Wendy Card