Let’s Talk About It with Jane Maulucci

Let;s Talk About It with Jane MaulucciWe are FINE! (Frustrated, Insecure, Neurotic & Emotional)

We are over half a year past Hurricane Florence and the mess she left behind. Everyone in our little corner of eastern North Carolina has been impacted even if there was no damage to their home or business. We are all carrying around a weight of concern for our neighbors, our community, and ourselves.

We are frustrated, especially if we are rebuilding, to find that the materials and labor to get things done are not available. Our nerves are frayed and we are anticipating just one more thing that will go awry.

We are insecure. Watching the rivers rise we get bad butterflies thinking that we truly have no control over it and wonder how far it will spill the next time. We are already hearing predictions for the fall and it is discomforting.

To call it a neurosis may be harsh, but we do feel unbalanced. Our bank accounts are also looking peculiar which causes sleepless nights and overbooked days trying to put things right.

We are definitely emotional. Joyful at the sight of insulated walls, ecstatic over kitchen cabinets, weepy at the thought of some treasure lost in the flood waters. We crumble a little when we hear that yet another friend is facing a serious illness. On the upside, we are still brimming with gratitude for all the people who step up to help with everything from hugs to hammers.

There is something to be said about a positive attitude and counting your blessings. But there is also much that needs to be said about processing the losses. It takes time. We are a hive of tension. Beware: Gigantic hissy fits leap out from tiny social infractions.

We are recovering, but we are not fine, yet. It will be awhile. In the meantime, we each need to have a conversation with a trusted someone who will patiently listen as we empty out the crazy negative chipmunks running amok in our heads. We should be kind and follow the “Q-TIP” Rule: Quit Taking It Personal.

We must welcome spring; taking the time to gaze at the blue skies, feel the sunshine, and notice the birds and the blooms. We may not be truly fine, yet, but after a few deep breaths we will be closer to it.

By Contributing Author: Jane Maulucci, The Reactive Voice and Trained by Jane