Craven Partners in Education present Super Science Grant

Craven PIE Super Science Grant
Congratulations Ms. DeCamp and Brandolyn Holton, Asst. Principal at New Bern High.

Ashley DeCamp, science teacher at New Bern High recognizes that her students benefit from a cross curriculum of STEM experiences. She applied for a Super Science Grant, administered by PIE for an authentic kinesthetic science experience for her students through the design, execution, and implementation of designing and printing (on a 3-D printer) a cookie cutter. The students will learn drafting, engineering, and digital design with teacher Robin Migliorato and practical use of the design with Kevin Reese in his Introduction to Culinary Arts and Hospitality class. This grant is a perfect example of classes working in a collaborative group with project ideas deployed from implementation to execution.

If you would like to learn how your organization can make a difference through Craven County Schools’ local education foundation, PIE, contact Darlene Brown, Executive Director, at 514-6321.

Submitted by: Darlene Brown, Craven County Partners in Education