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ArtCrawl – ArtWalk: What’s the Difference?

ArtWalk and ArtCrawl
Andrea Owens at The Red Shoe Gallery

During a recent conversation with Lisa Bisbee-Lentz and members of our Podsquad, ArtWalk and ArtCrawl came up. Although ArtWalk had been happening for at least 20 years, Lisa Bisbee Lentz started ArtCrawl in September 2013. Soon after, New Bern’s Arts Scene seemed to really take off!

When asked what the difference was, Lisa Bisbee-Lentz said, “ArtCrawl is different because it wasn’t about galleries, it was about people. The artists were demonstrating their talents and people are very curious and questions like; how are you making that –  what are you doing – what instrument is that – I’ve never seen that before…and then you get to be engaged and have conversations”.

“People support other people, their neighbors, their community. So, when we had all of those artists demonstrating in the Isaac Taylor Garden, 600 people came to ArtCrawl and I said we’ve got to spread this all across New Bern!” Lisa decided, “Half of you aren’t invited next time, guess what, you have to find a new spot. And sure enough, they did! They went to Artisan Square, Bear Towne Market (BTM), Bear Plaza, James Reed Lane, and other areas. All of these artists and creative people scattered everywhere and that’s when the whole thing blew up. The Arts Scene exploded!

Since then, arts continue to flourish in and around New Bern.

Tonight is ArtWalk and ArtCrawl at numerous locations in New Bern from 5 – 8 p.m. including the Greater Good Gallery at the Isaac Taylor House, The Craven Arts Council and Gallery at the Bank of the Arts, Carolina Creations, Fine Art at Baxters, The Four C’s, Wit Clothier, Community Artists Gallery and Studios, Next Chapter Book Store, New Bern Artist Exhibit, Michaele’ Rose Watson’s Studio, Ballantyne’s Framing & Art, The Sanctuary Gallery…and the list goes on. For a detailed listing, please visit

Visit our friend, Andrea Owens for the Grand Opening of the Red Shoe Gallery at her new location, 226 Craven St.!

Have a great time!

Please let us know if you have any questions by sending us an email or calling 252-259-6853.

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