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4th Social Media Summit planning in progress

Social Media Summit New Bern, NC

We’re planning our 4th Social Media Summit for March, but we’d like to hear your input and find out if you’re interested in joining us.

Our goal is to help individuals, businesses, and non-profits enhance their brand and online visibility.

Since our first Summit in 2013, the number of local businesses and non-profits without a website has improved, but are still below average. A lot of people believe they only need a Facebook page or other social media platform, so people can find them online. This is not true. These platforms are used to strengthen brands and drive people to their website. This is only one of many topics that we’ll cover.

Local business owners and individuals are “teaming up” with New Bern Now to help our community increase their revenue by either becoming visible online or increasing their online presence.

You’ll learn what social media platforms are available and which ones may be the best suited to reach your audience.

We will also introduce you to local traditional media sources to see how they can help you relay your message.

We’ll talk about blogging, podcasting, video marketing, and much more!

The Summit brings people of all different backgrounds together. From the non-profit sector to local business, authors, artists, entrepreneurs, or people who want to improve their social media skills and increase their profits.

New this year – we’ll have breakout sessions for a more detailed learning opportunity!

Join us for a fun day of learning, networking, and walk away with a new social media marketing toolkit!

Please know that the Summit is for everyone; as it’s a collaborative and fun learning adventure vs. a classroom setting. It’s designed to inspire people to improve their social media and marketing efforts, ultimately, strengthening your brand and increasing revenue.

If you attended one of our Social Media Summits, please let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can improve this year’s event. We’d also like to know if you are considering joining us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Stay tuned to NewBernNow.com as we will be announcing the details by January 31st.

In the meantime, check out New Bern Now’s Youtube Channel to watch videos from previous Summits.

Tell us what you think sending us an email. Visit New Bern Now’s Facebook page or sign up for the latest updates by submitting your email address in the right margin on New Bern Now’s website.

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