The Entrepreneur Center of Craven County Podcast – September 2017

The Entrepreneur Center of Craven County
Bob Mackowski, Heather Noto, Dan Spangler, Charles Parker, and Timothy Downs

We’re excited to bring you a special podcast about the Entrepreneur Center of Craven County (TEC3). Back in May of 2016 we did our first podcast with the TEC3 and this episode is to update you on the progress as they prepare for their grand opening.

Our special guests are Dan Spangler, owner of A Dog’s Dream and Founder of TEC3, Timothy Downs, the Craven County Economic Director, Charles Parker of HCH Enterprises, and Chairperson for TEC3 Committee, and Bob Mackowski, owner of Open Aperture Photography and potential member of TEC3.

Listen here:

Show notes:

1:25 – TEC3 Purpose

1:45 – Benefits for potential entrepreneurs to use the center

3:06 – Co-working space and entrepreneur lifestyles

3:29 – Entrepreneurial development program

4:32 – Growing your business and moving it forward

5:52 – Mentor network and opportunities to work with other businesses and corporations

6:58 – Education and training classes

7:14 – Mastermind groups

8:54 – Professional services and resources

10:45 – Location of TEC3 in the O’Marks Building

12:34 – Starting out as an entrepreneur

13:40 – TEC3 space and features

15:14 – Becoming part of the Downtown community

16:34 – Being flexible in business

17:33 – Membership styles

19:21 – Reach out to the TEC3 on Social Media.

20:15 – Open House on September 15th

Here’s more information about the Open House provided by Heather Noto, Brink Strategy:

Innovation Lands in Downtown New Bern – The Entrepreneur Center of Craven County Hosts Open House

The Entrepreneur Center of Craven County (TEC3) is hosting an Open House on Friday, September 15th, from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the O’Marks building, 233 Middle Street, in downtown New Bern, Suite 310, third floor. After many twists and turns, including a few location changes, the three-year project is finally coming to fruition and the co-working space will soon open.  Many individuals and businesses have stepped up and donated furniture, appliances, services, and other items to help fill out the needs of the space. Open House guests will have the opportunity to tour the new facility and receive information on the various membership options. Directions to the new space will be in the lobby of the O’Marks building. Refreshments will be provided.

“For the self-employed in New Bern, finding an energetic collaborative open space has meant going to the local coffee shop”, says Dan Spangler. “The new dedicated co-working space will capture the energy of a coffee shop and offer so much more for the entrepreneur community. They will have a resource-rich open office environment where they can work daily, weekly or as needed. Co-working spaces are far more conducive to productivity and members will have access to a variety of options depending on their needs. We will be providing a number of services including educational and informational events.” The volunteer effort is driven by project co-chairs Dan Spangler, owner of A Dog’s Dream and Charles Parker, IT Integration and Operations Director, HCH Enterprises, Inc.

TEC3 is a co-working space dedicated to creating, encouraging, and facilitating an entrepreneurial culture through collaboration, mentoring, education, and networking resources. At TEC3, startups, small businesses, freelancers, and consultants will work and share a collaborative and creative space that includes a mix of open and enclosed workspaces, meeting rooms, and casual sitting areas. Whether building a business, a social enterprise, a non-profit, or community organization, the TEC3 community of like-minded peers and partners will help to inspire and support each other’s best work. TEC3 is driven by an enthusiastic team of volunteers and partners with local organizations and businesses.

We really appreciate everyone joining us for this Podcast! Kudos goes out the The Entrepreneur Center of Craven County’s Board, Volunteers, and Sponsors for all of your hard work.

Learn more about TEC3 by visiting their website, Faceboook page at TheEntrepreneurCenterofCravenCounty  and Twitter at TEC3_TheCube.

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