Thank you for your patience while we update New Bern Now’s website

New Bern NC

Dear Readers,

We’ve been in the process of changing our old WordPress theme and moving New Bern Now’s website to a larger server.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Jeremy LeRay, owner of New Bern Web Design for his and his team’s hard work. Jeremy is our “Peace of Mind” as he performs maintenance and updates to New Bern Now to ensure it’s a safe website. New Bern Web Design helps people create websites, performs maintenance, and offers numerous services to help non-profits and business owners promote their efforts.

Jeremy and I both believe that having a website is vital to having a successful presence on the Internet for your business or non-profit. Your website should be your home base that provides information about your organization, your services and/or products, contact information, to include other items like a blog or newsletter and any other items.

A lot of people rely on Facebook as their home base. Facebook is one of numerous social media sites that should be used to promote and compliment your website. You own your website and have total control over it. If Facebook went away tomorrow all of your hardwork would be lost forever. Although I’m not saying that will happen, it’s just an example of why you should have a website. When we post an article on, we share it on Facebook, Twitter, and our daily emails. We also use Youtube and Libsyn, and iTunes to promote our efforts, but everything stems from New Bern Now’s website.

We hope this information has been helpful and appreciate your patience during this transition.

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Wendy Card