ARTcrawl presented by the Greater Good Gallery

The Dick Richards Band
Dick Richards Band: Justin Tinklery, Parker Millar, and Jake Ross

Greater Good Gallery presents ARTcrawl in the Isaac Taylor Garden with live music and artistic demonstrations, Friday, March 10th from 5 – 8pm.

The Dick Richards, a local indie trio band out will be performing in the Isaac Taylor Garden. The group features Jake Ross, Parker Millar and Justin Tinkler. Each member of the group is multi-talented in that they all take turns in performing as drummer, bassist, guitarist and vocalist.

Jake Ross explains where the name of his band originated, “Through happenstance and luck, I found a beat up vinyl containing the hits of the legendary Ol’ One Eyed Blind Willy Dick Richards. The legend by himself released over 15,000 albums, all of which were good.” Parker Millar was inspired by the legacy of this rock and roll musician. Together they gave their band his namesake to carry on the tradition and spread the word of Ol’ One Eyed Blind Willy Dick Richards.

More artists have signed up to showcase their talents including interactive installation video artist, Yunji Johanning, potter Ben Alden Watford, digital artist Jon Derby, oil painters Carol Jones and Lisa Bisbee Lentz, plus neo-dada-ist Linda Boccia, and popped-influenced Jerry Scott. Andrea Clemmons Thompson will be on hand to promote the upcoming “New Bern Drum Circle” event which will be held at Union Point on April 21 from 6-8pm. Mehak Minhas will do henna designs in the ancient tradition of temporary body art. Henna pigment comes from a flowering plant and the staining color is safe on the skin.

Yunji Johanning will feature her video installation and performance titled “Replica”. Yunji is a digital media artist and musician with an MFA Interdisciplinary Arts and Media from Columbia College Chicago. Johanning’s work explores the cross-pollination between digital and physical realms. Juhanning says, “Working with code, projection, and performance, I create immersive and meditative environments that are deeply connected to the virtual world aesthetic.” Johanning invites her audience to question the fluctuating boundaries between digital and physical space.

During the performance, Johanning allows her audience to participate.  Viewers engage with the work as if they were digital bodies manifest in physical form. These digital representations are then projected back into the gallery in order to create feedback loops of imagery. The line between digital and physical realms blurs even further. Johanning explains, “These worlds are still uncharted, unexplored, full of wonder, and never the same for a second. In this way, I wish to share a moment with my audience so that they may watch the digital stars with me and know that they are the ones responsible for the beauty that they see.”

To get involved, email or call 252-649-1712.

By Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Lisa Bisbee-Lentz, Art Director for New Bern Now and owner, Greater Good Gallery