The Bears return to River Bend for a Holiday Buffet-Dinner Dance

The Bears

The Bears perform for a holiday buffet-and-dancing event at Attitudes Pub & Grill in River Bend, Saturday December 17!

The Bears will play your favorite songs the way you remember them, in a high-energy show bursting with harmony, humor, nostalgia, and hot licks. You can sit back and enjoy the show, or trip the light fantastic on the dance floor!  You can jam along with the band as one of the “Air Bears”; try your hand at kazoo; or test your memory with “Professor Doo-Wop’s Pop Quiz”, featuring the week’s anniversaries in Rock & Roll History!

Who are The Bears?

– “Mama Bear”: Janet Montero sings and plays bass.

– “Baby Bear”. Steve Latimer sings and plays guitar.

– “Yogi Bear”: Pat Engeman sings and plays the drums.

– “California Bear”: Simon Spalding plays bass, fiddle, and guitar.

Attitudes Pub and Grill is at 32 Shoreline Drive in River Bend.  A dinner buffet is from 6:00 to 7:00 pm. The music will start at 7:00, and will continue until 9:00 or later.  An admission fee of $20 covers both the food and the music.  For reservations or information, call Attitudes at 252-633-2006.

To learn more about The Bears, check us out on For bookings, contact Pat Engeman at 678-205-7309.

The Bears are one of eastern North Carolina’s most entertaining bands – don’t miss them!

Submitted by: Simon Spalding