Spotlight on W.J. Gurganus Elementary Teacher Julie Lomont

Teacher Julie Lomont

The Craven County Board of Education and W.J. Gurganus Elementary spotlighted Mrs. Lomont, a teacher who spent sixteen years of her career teaching in Maryland. She often goes above and beyond to ensure that her students are engaged in lessons and are well prepared for assessments.  Her use of hands-on teaching works well with all levels of students in her classroom.  She does an excellent job utilizing parents as a support system in her classroom: often having weekly volunteers to help with projects and small group instruction. She has served as a Buddy Teacher for new teachers at WJG and has opened up her classroom numerous times to other teachers within the district to come observe and share her ideas.  Mrs. Lomont also mentors and supports students outside of her grade level.  She works with them to help ensure they have a successful and positive educational experience.

Mrs. Lomont has served on various committees during her career at WJG- grade chair, cabinet member, mentor, MTSS committee team, and district reading representative.  Mrs. Lomont is often the first to volunteer to help out with special events held at school and spends a great deal of extra time after school planning to ensure their success.  Mrs. Lomont often performs near the top of the district when looking at county assessments and EOG scores. She is a positive role model for both students and staff.  Her energetic and charismatic attitude helps to create an amazing learning environment for her students. This positivity carries over into her peer relationships with fellow teachers and staff.  She puts her students overall success ahead of everything else in her school day. Mrs. Julie Lomont truly deserves the honor of being the spotlight teacher for WJ Gurganus Elementary School.

Submitted by: Jennifer Wager, Director of Public Relations, Craven County Schools