Bate Foundation Individual School Grant Program

Bate Foundation Grant Recipients
Shown accepting the checks are the principals of the schools along with Darlene Brown, PIE Executive Director and Tabari Wallace, PIE President

Partners In Education was honored to be selected as a grant recipient for $30,000 to be used for The Bate Foundation Individual School Grant Program for the 2015-16 school year.

Craven County Schools principals were encouraged to apply for this grant in the following subject areas:  Arts, Music, Health and Fitness, and Athletics.

The winners of this grant are: A.H. Bangert Elementary:  School Art Display, $4,700.00 – Michelle Lee and Marissa Leary;  Arthur W. Edwards Elementary: Playing for Primary Students, $5,000.00 – Kathy Leffler and Jennifer Blair; Ben D. Quinn Elementary: Buddy Benches, $2,640.20 – Curtis Gatlin and Roxanne Ank;  James W. Smith Elementary: Small Voices, We Want to be Seen and Heard,$5,000.00 – Renee Whitford and Marisa Swick; New Bern High:  Sound Sound Sounds Good,  $5,000.00 – Jerry Simmons and Willie Sumner; Vanceboro Farm Life Elementary: Vanceboro Farm Life Music Program, $4,995.00 – J.T. Tribula and Meghan Beshara; and West Craven Middle:  Athletic Equipment, $4,986.00 – Ashley Faulkenberry and Denise Wells.

Submitted by: Darlene J. Brown, Executive Director, Craven County Partners In Education