What does freedom mean to you?

As the Fourth of July approaches, we are reminded about our independence and wanted to share this video with you!

During Memorial Day weekend, our friend and American University Journalism Student, Windye Barton, visited New Bern. As an assignment, Windye was tasked with taking video footage of people’s responses to one question.

We hit the streets of Downtown and Windye asked people “What does freedom mean to you?”

Although it’s difficult to show up on a sidewalk and ask people to talk on video, we were pleasantly surprised by the number of people who participated. We were also impressed with their answers!

Special thanks to Windye Barton for traveling to New Bern for this unique opportunity to showcase residents and visitors to our city.

Kudos to Windye as this was her first time using a high tech camera along with learning how to edit the video! It took me at least 6 months to figure out how to edit the footage and I was using a small handheld camera.

With that said, “What does freedom mean to you?”

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Wendy Card