Auburn University MRED Student Publishes Book “Charity: The Gifts of Giving”

Garret Biss

Current Auburn University Masters of Real Estate Development (MRED) student, Garret Biss, recently released his first book entitled “Charity: The Gifts of Giving.” This influential book reveals how charitable giving, kindness and acts of generosity have an impact not just on recipients, but also on donors.

“Charity: The Gifts of Giving” is designed to give readers a different perspective on philanthropy. The book contains insight and information to help readers capitalize on the benefits of charitable giving. Biss discusses how generosity can help combat anxiety and manage stress; practical ways to give on any budget, websites that help donors give quickly and easily in any way they choose, and how to create a more fulfilling life experience and more joyful interaction with others.

Biss currently resides in New Bern, NC and has been serving his country as a pilot since 1999 in the United State Marine Corps. He and is now preparing for his transition from the Marine Corps to civilian life. He pursues three passions: real estate, charity giving and writing about personal growth and development.

“Charitable giving is a concept that everyone understands and often engages in, but people seldom consider – and discuss – the positive effect that practicing benevolence has on donors. This is the main impetus behind “Charity: The Gifts of Giving,” says Biss. “My purpose for this book was to inspire more involvement with charity and selfless acts in everyone’s life,” he says. “If speaking about how these acts benefit us is one way to inspire greater generosity, then this is a story that must be told for the benefit of each of us and all of us.”

Biss is advancing his experience and education by pursuing a Master of Real Estate Development from Auburn University. He received his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Maryland. The education from the MRED program, combined with his experience as both an investor and real estate broker, is preparing Garret for a future as a real estate developer and a real estate investment manager.

The Auburn University Executive Master of Real Estate Development (AUMRED) degree program provides a targeted understanding of multiple disciplines that puts students at an advantage in their real estate development careers. The goal of the program is to train a new generation of executives who are highly knowledgeable about sustainable development, energy, and natural resource efficiency.  Students become not only successful but also stewards of the environment. AUMRED’s degree program is entrepreneurially and industry focused

For more information about “Charity: The Gifts of Giving” and the benefits of charitable giving, visit this website.
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Submitted by: Brooke Peace Harris, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Auburn University