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Exercises for Kids by Kate Horney

Kate Horney Workout for Kids

At BeyondFit, we believe it’s important to teach children how to live a healthy life by our example.  When it comes to exercises for kids, with small children- we love that you can turn exercise into a game.

Here are some exercises for kids that you can do at home together:

Jumping Jacks

Frog Jumps




Sprints- outside on a beautiful day to help burn some of that energy.


Any activity to get them up and moving

Here’s a simple & easy workout with fun exercises for kids:

Kid pyramid workout

We live in a world that is surrounded by technology from cell phones to video games. It’s time to put everything down and start becoming more active, whether it’s taking a walk with your family, exercising with your family, or just simply spending time together.

With childhood obesity on the rise, now is the perfect time to teach our children how to be active and develop healthy habits that will last them a lifetime.

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By Contributing Author: Kate Horney, BeyondFit Physiques