CarolinaEast contributes to Reviving Lives Ministries

CarolinaEast Board

Thanks to the generosity of Jon and Karen Segal of New Bern and CarolinaEast Medical Center Nursing Resource Manager, Nan Hall, Reviving Lives Ministries (RLM) was surprised with funding for the purchase of a van to transport their residents to appointments and to and from work. This act of kindness began with the monthly selection of a member of the CarolinaEast leadership team to identify a local non-profit to benefit from CarolinaEast’s philanthropic community commitment. Hall chose the important work of Reviving Lives Ministries to be the beneficiary of CarolinaEast’s generous gift. While visiting with the RLM principals, she was told of their need for a transport van to support their clientele’s continued journey towards recovery. Hall said that the CarolinaEast gift would provide an opportunity for down payment on the much needed van with RLM financing the balance. Jon and Karen Segal learned of the van need through the CarolinaEast Foundation and generously offered to donate the remaining $2200 needed to allow RLM to purchase the van outright with no finance charges burdening the organization. This collaboration and cooperation is one of the many examples of the giving spirit of the very supportive eastern North Carolina community.

Reviving Lives Ministries of New Bern assists men and women who are dealing with the devastating consequences of substance abuse and addiction to find and maintain recovery.

The mission of the CarolinaEast Foundation is to promote health in our region, support the healthcare community, and assist individuals with healthcare needs.

Submitted by: Amy Willis, CarolinaEast Foundation