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Craven Community College’s Club Centerpiece Silent Auction Fundraiser

Craven Community College Clubs are having a Silent Auction to help fund their specific clubs upcoming events.  Please show your support while enjoying a table centerpiece in your home or office.

Top Bids will be announced each day on Facebook, we challenge you dig deep and raise your bid!

Bid #1:  Fun and Dramatic, Measures 12”x13”, Opening bid $25

Bid #2:  Spring Floating Candle, Measures 7.5”x13”, Opening bid $25
Bid #3:  Full of Flair, Measures 30.5”x27”x4”, Opening bid $25

Bid #4:  Layers of Blue Sass, Measures 7”x12”, Opening bid $25

Bid #5:  Apple Cinnamon, Measures 13”x11”, Opening bid $10

Bid #6:  Hot Air Balloon, Measures 14”x16”, Opening bid $15

Bid #7:  Folding Paper Airplanes, Measures 18”x12”, Opening bid $10

Bid #8:  Spring Candle, Measures 13”x8”, Opening bid $15

Bid #9:  Irish Spring Dream, Measures 16”x9”, Opening bid $10

Bid #10: Spring Into Ireland, Measures 15”x9”, Opening bid $10

Bid #11: Gaming Flowers, Measures 12”x14”, Opening bid $8

Bid #12: Welder’s Paradise, Measures 13 ½”x18”, Opening bid $25

Minimum bid increases of $2 will be accepted.

Bids will be accepted online daily till 6 P.M. on April 3, 2014 and in person, at the Founder’s Day Ball till 9 P.M. on April 4, 2014.

6.75% sales tax will be added to each piece (per law).

To place a bid, email sga@cravencc.edu with the following information:


Phone #

Bid Sheet #

Title of piece

Bid Amount

Method you intend to use for payment, if you are the winner.  Check, cash and charge are accepted.

Please visit Craven Community College – Student Development’s Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/cravenlife/ for more information and to see the latest bids.

Submitted by: Kimberly Clark, Campus Life Assistant Director, Craven Community College