No Resolutions: Don’t Make Resolutions, Make It Every Day

New Bern Gold's Gym

Here’s a 7-step plan that can get you results with an effective, everyday mindset instead of a date-stamped resolution.

The Gold’s Gym 7-Step Anti-Resolution Action Plan

Step One: Create a Plan Filled with Short, Obtainable Goals for Yourself

“The problem with resolutions is that the minute people falter, or slip on their resolution, they quit, throwing all their progress out the window,” says Mike Ryan, Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute Expert and celebrity personal trainer. “Create a short, obtainable goal for yourself – I often encourage clients to participate in the Gold’s Gym 12-Week Challenge- and when you achieve your first goal, you’re more likely to set another – and to stick with it.”

Step Two: Schedule the Gym the Same Way You Would Schedule a Doctor’s Appointment

“The minute you utter ‘I don’t have time,’ you avoid holding yourself accountable for a trip to the gym, making you more likely to skip the gym the next time around as well,” says Adam Friedman, Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute Expert and celebrity personal trainer. “A great workout can be achieved in just 30 minutes, and by putting it on the books, it becomes something that’s real, tangible and that you can be held accountable for that day.”

Step Three: Realize that Fitness Is Only Part of the Plan

“In order to achieve peak metabolism, supplement your workouts with a diet made up of real, whole food,” says Robert Reames. “Minimize, if not avoid altogether, processed meals and food items. We truly are what we eat. Food is the fuel that runs your engine, so do not compromise.”

Step Four: Find Healthy Habits You Actually Enjoy

“To make a lasting change in your life, you need to establish habits that you can enjoy. An easy way to do this is to include family and friends in what you do,” says Robert Irvine, Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute Expert and celebrity chef. “Include your kids when cooking a meal at home – it’s healthier and a great way to spend time with family. You can also spend time with the family as part of a warm up or cool down to your workout routine.”

Step Five: Switch It Up Sometimes

“If you feel yourself getting bored with your workout routine, think about making it fresh again. Switch it up by trying a group exercise class, or working out with a friend,” says Ramona Braganza, Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute Expert and Hollywood fitness trainer. “Give yourself a reward when you accomplish a certain number of workouts in a week. Maybe get a foot massage!”

Step Six: Introduce “It’s Time for Bed” to Your Vocabulary

“The hours before midnight are almost twice as valuable as the hours after midnight for health. After all, physical change occurs exclusively during sleep,” says Eric the Trainer, Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute Expert and celebrity personal trainer. “So get to bed early and wake up to a fitter, healthier, new you!”

Step Seven: Anticipate Obstacles

“There really is no such thing as a ‘perfect plan.’ Life is unpredictable and the best we can do is to anticipate obstacles and create strategies for coping with them,” says Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute member and fitness model Jamie Eason. “If picking up your child from school suddenly turns into a two-hour parent/teacher conference, you could end up famished. If you commit to carrying food (like nuts and low-fat string cheese) with you at all times, you won’t cave to the temptation to make a quick stop for fast food on the way home.”

Submitted by: Alli Latislaw, Consultant for New Bern Gold’s Gym, 260-450-6650 or email