Please spread the word – “Stomp Out Genocide”!

Arts To End Genocide has just released the “Stomp Out Genocide 2013” video on You Tube.

The video includes children from throughout the U.S. and Africa joining together to express their solidarity that we must finally bring an end to genocide and the intentional targeting of children. The link to the video is: or go to You Tube and type in Stomp Out Genocide 2013. We want this message to go viral. You can help.

Please view the video on You Tube, check the like button, and then share it on all your social media sites.

Share it with your family, with your friends, with all your contacts, and ask them to share it with their contacts. Tweet about it; blog about it. We want the video to go viral so that children around the world will have the opportunity to join the movement. Together we can give voice to these children. Together we can Stomp Out Genocide. Thank you!

Submitted by: Mitch Lewis, Arts To End Genocide