ARTcrawl in New Bern, Sept. 13th, starts at 5pm! The second Friday of every month!

Second Fridays! Every Month! Come visit on Friday, September 13th to ARTcrawl through the landmarks and showcases of art exhibits, live performances & artisan demos by more than 400 creative people in New Bern!
ARTcrawl in New Bern, with art exhbits, creative demonstrations, live music, poetry and more by more than 400 creative people!

Come visit on Friday, September 13th to ARTcrawl through the landmarks and showcases of art exhibits, live performances & artisan demos by more than 400 creative people in New Bern!

Second Fridays! Every Month! More details about the ARTcrawl online,

With all the galleries, shops, restaurants and art supporters, more than 400 artists, crafters, performers and authors are displaying their creativity in New Bern.The Twin Rivers Artist Association represents over 120 artists, New Bern Artworks exhibits over 70 artists, Studio 323 houses thirteen working artisans, Greater Good Gallery represents almost 100, and the Bohemian Artists of New Bern showcased demonstrations by more than 100 creative folk in the past year or so, the 60-plus members of Coastal Photo Club and tons of people created at Accidental Artist and Bear Hands Art Factory, plus all the dance, theatre companies, exhibits at local restaurants and shops!

1 Developing Creative Projects in our community for awl! Visit the headquarters of Community Artist Will, Inc. at 228 Craven St2 Giving away free Ledgers, promotes of the arts  in New Bern! Ask about the upcoming social media summit to be held on Sept. 26th at 228 Craven St!

3 Bobbi Waters, Jerry Scott, Rivertown Players, and kin to the Maune’s, perform. 3G’s artists will demonstrate creativity in the glorious Isaac Taylor Garden on 228 Craven St

4 Artists Lisa Bisbee, Elisa Schulman, Suzette Wetherington, Mattie Cordio, Susan Spirko, Jerry Scott, Lee Hood, Jennifer Delamar-Goss, Serah Cheatham, Scott Coleman, Jon Derby will be with other creative folk at Greater Good Gallery (3G), displaying artwork by more than 60 artists including Mary Anne Horn on 228 Craven St

5 Craven 247, creative culinary!

6 Artist Ida Trevino, wine & cheese by The Antiquery Boutiquery Place, 243 Craven St

7 Morgan’s, art on the walls!

8 Starring you, our next artist-to-be! Free studio time! Reserve it at Accidental Artist, 219A Craven St

9 Find Ross’ handmade items along with hundreds of other gift items at Mitchell Hardware on 215 Craven St

10 Tree sweater of love

11 Betsy Drake & R. B. Hamilton Home Designs

12 Twice As Nice displays affordable art on the walls

13 Dr. John McQuade displays his photography. Jim Herring and Maggie Peacock display their artwork at Ballantyne Framing and Art on 220 Craven St

14 Filled with artwork & performances, Trent River Coffee Company on 208 Craven St

15 Kathleen Bailey’s paintings on display at Top Shelf Consignment, 206 Craven St

15 Artists Kathy Pope and Stacey Matson display artwork at Advanced Attractions on 204 Craven St

16 Dr. Congleton’s spiderlilly sculpture kinetically moves in the wind, created by renowned artist Susan Pascal Beran

17 Hot Buttered Grits performs at the convention center, check out the paintings inside by Willie Taglieri.

18 Gary Peterson, Peterson Architecture Plus Planners, P.A., by appointment only, 212 S. Front st. (252) 637-6782

19 Robert Daniels’s artwork exhibit and Wine Tasting at Galley Store, 5pm to 7pm at 300 E. Front St.

20 Wendy Bissinger’s handmade quilts at Persimmons on the waterfront at 100 Pollock St.

21 “Fools Rush In” Joe Distefano & friends perform Acoustic, Jazz, Swing, & Dixieland at Rivertowne Ballroom on 305 Pollock St. from 7-10pm.  $15/person or $25/couple.  Call 637-2003

22 Seth Thomas four-faced clock was originally in City Hall

23 Mitch Lewis says – Might see a flash mob dance on Pollock St in action promoting the upcoming fundraiser – Arts to End Genocide’s video to Stomp Out Genocide

24 Seth Thomas Company built the historic Baxter’s Four Facing Clock

25 Jim Bisbee, Stan Harmon and Michaelé Rose Watson and sixty artists display pottery, sculptures, ceramics in a massive “No Boundaries Vessel” art installation at New Bern Artworks with the “People’s Choice” judging. Vote for your favorite! Along with the 3-D, two-dimensional pieces are on exhibit by Gail Bisbee, Carol Gatchel, Jonathan Grauel, Bruce Nellsmith, Joyce Stratton, Robert Hennon and fifty more artists.

26 Sandy Bruno,  GeeVee Meyers, Jill Eberle, Candace Young, Pat Eglinton, Vicki Vitale, Donna Slade, Martha Williams, Barbara Hesketh, Nada Behr, Dee Mayer, Holly Bradley, Audrey Cushman, Justin  Burnel, Janet Jaworski, Carol McCracken and more are working artisans in Studio 323 in the ol’ Baxter Building at 323 Pollock St. Stop by their studios to see them working on art projects!

27 Heather Main, Meg Wethington, Ben Watford, John Hanley, Laura Gammons, Habitat for Humanity, Natalie O’Conner, Lizzie Cooper, Justin Tinkler, Dan Wilson, Sam Love, Sarah Thrasher, Pam Johnson, David English, Knitt Happens, and more Bohemian Artists of New Bern will creating at both: James Reed Lane & Bear Town Plaza, off Middle & Pollock Streets, brimming with artistic demos and performances. Pickup BOHO t-shirts designs by

27 Glenn Druhot, local percussionist and author will be bongo-ing near Bear Plaza

27 Mary Page Whitley’s painting exhibited at Bear City Fudge Co, off Bear Plaza

28 Lou Ellen Plummer showcases her paper collage “Evolution” at Carolina Creations, 317-A Pollock St

28 MBF Architects, by appointment only, 252-637-6373, 317-C Pollock Street (above Carolina Creations)

29 Blaine Kruger is painting onsite! Plus, photography display by Alan Welsh at The Boathouse of New Bern on 220 Middle St

30 Carol Jones and Susan Spirko display their artwork at MJ’s Raw Bar & Grille on 216 Middle St

31 Fraser’s Wine & Cheese is a proud supporter of BOHO!

32 Jane Taylor, local artist is featured at Next Chapter Bookstore on 320 S. Front St

33 Willie Taglieri’s Mural on the corner of Capt. Ratty’s

34 Wes Ballance exhibit of photos in Capt. Ratty’s on 202 Middle St

35 Live music in the BTM beer garden! Bear Town Market (BTMs) is a proud supporter of the arts on 402 Front St!

36 Eric Christensen & more fine artists display works at Framing Fox Art Gallery on 217 Middle St

36 Kathleen E. Bailey will setup her paintings and easel near Bear Hands ol’ studio location on Middle St (across from MJ’s)

37 Middle Street Antiques on 221 Middle St are proud supporters of Boho

38 Viamark sponsored the Spoken Word Poetry Expo earlier in the year. Call 877-698-4262 and get creative advertising.

39 Musicians Toy Store, call for hours, 672-5000 at 233 Middle St

40 Surf, Wind and Fire on 230 Middle St are proud BOHO supporters!

41 Braedon Welsh displays his photos at The Four C’s on 250 Middle St

42 Sabrina Bengel, Managing Partner of the Pepsi Store, is a proud supporter of the arts!

43 Bear Essentials are proud supporters of Boho!

44 Herbert W. Simpson designed Athens Theatre on 412 Pollock Street in 1910. “12 Angry Men” perfomance by New Bern Civic Theatre

45 BOA is under construction

46 Soon to open, Artist Nest, (above Cow Cafe), on 321A Middle St, by appointment, contact email is

47 Michaelé Rose Watson’s little yellow studio was the location of the first bohemian night in New Bern. Watson will be in attendance at the vessel art installation at New Bern Artworks on September 13. To see Watson’s studio, email

48 Pete Frey, our local creative brewmaster of Brewery 99 is by appointment, 252-259-6393!

49 Coastal Photo Club exhibit at New Bern-Craven County Public Library is not open for artcrawl, but you can stop by to see the talent during library’s open hours.

50  Ed Macomber in a new gallery! Studio Four-Thirteen exhibits Interior Design & Art supporting local artists on 413 Broad St.

51  Willie Taglieri’s Mural inside the Chelsea, plus local artists on exhibit at 335 Middle St

52 Tom Grubb’s skyscraping sculpture, “Morning Star” is on the corner of Broad St and Middle St

53 Caroline McGath Newborn Photography is enchanting on 327 Middle St

54 Ron Lamm and Larry Conley display their artwork at Bear Towne Java on 323 Middle St

55 Nicholas Sparks Foundation, 649-1730 office by appointments, 309 Middle St

56 Alice Bilello, award-winning jewelry designer will be on-site with live demos crafting designs. See the original city hall clock by Seth Thomas, Twin Rivers Artist Association’s gallery exhibit, more artist booths & folk music at the History Center on 529 S. Front St

57 Willie Taglieri’s prints & cards plus eclectic art in Poor Charlie’s Flea Market and Antiques on 208 Hancock St

58 Tryon Palace State Historic Site gardens are open until 6 p.m

59 Weaver’s Webb Gallery on 602 Pollock Street open until 5pm

60 Walk the labyrinth in progress at Martin Henry Sculpture Studio on  504 Guion St, corner of George St. By appointment only, 252-638-4245

61 See the Dominican Republic Mural of the Great Fire, off Queen St

62 See the Dominican Republic Mural of New Bern Culture, off Broad St

63 Farm at Bean’s Fork is a proud BOHO supporter!

64 Artwork by Willie Taglieri & other local artists at Famous Restaurant on 2210 Neuse Blvd.

65 Beads-N-Bowls New Location!
2500 Trent Road, open until 5pm, call for info, 288-5812

66 Your chance to become an artist! Sign up for the Painting & Wine Party at Bear Hands Art Factory’s new location on 1208 Pollock St, call 252-514-2787

67 Jodi Hollnagel-Jubran’s bear sculpture hovers near historic City Laundry Building on 901-B Pollock St

68 Andrea Owens and Joey Infinito will open up the Front Room Cabaret  at Ratio Theatre on 901 Pollock St

69 Dustin Canestorp, local craft of brew at Beer Army on 1244 U.S. 70 East

69 Gregory Fahy showcases his creations BridgetonArtGallery on Etsy

Plus a big thank you to all our BOHO sponsors! Boat Bumz, The Artful Jane, Bear Essentials, Juliette’s, NC STA Contracting Inc, Greater Good Galler, Mitchell’s Hardware, Middle Street Antiques and Flea Market, Fraser’s Wine and Cheese, The Farm at Beaman’s Fork and Surf Wind and Fire!

During ARTCRAWL, look for people around New Bern wearing the MUMFEST T-shirts designed by Lisa Bisbee-Lentz. They will be selling raffle tickets for a chance to win $10,000 in support of Swiss Bear!