Take a short Survey about the Havelock Public Library

havelock_ncToday, July 23, 2013, Dr. Robert Burgin will be at the Havelock location of the Craven County Libraries to help assess and improve the services provided by the Library. Dr. Burgin and his staff bring over 40 years of experience in Library Science and Consulting to this endeavor.

The Havelock Library can’t do everything for everybody- SO- they need to know which services are most important to you, and ensure the Library is providing as much as it can with the resources allotted.  Whether you are a regular user or a non-user, Dr. Burgin wants your opinion.  Is there something the Library can do to make you a user?  Is there something they do that prevents you from visiting regularly?

What does the Library do well?  What could it do better?

Dr. Burgin will be at the Havelock Public Library TODAY from 1-4PM to talk with you and gather your feedback.  If you have time to stop by, please do!

If you cannot make it and would like to fill out a short online survey, it can be accessed through http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/craven-lib.

Submitted by: Diane Miller, Communications Coordinator, City of Havelock NC