Sailing in 2013 from the New Bern Grand Marina


New Bern Pirate Adventures

Join the crew of the “Renegade” for a 1.5 hour fun-filled family adventure unlike any other on the high seas. Your adventure begins with hoisting the colors, tattoos & face painting. Once underway, our pirate crew will teach you how to talk, sing, and dance like a pirate. They will share the tale of the treasures of New Bern and explain how the evil pirate, Billy Bonez, stole a chest of this fortune.  The crew of the “Renegade” has been searching for Billy Bonez to reclaim the lost booty. If you are prepared, we can find him and get the treasure back onboard. All crew members aboard the “Renegade” that assist with capturing the treasure share in the booty, so keep your eyes open and on the lookout for enemy pirates on the water!

July 19, August 16, September 7, & October 12-13

Pirate Cruises: 10:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm & 4:00pm

Sunset Cruise: 6:00pm (Over 21 Pirate Party)

Prices: Adults: $25, Children $20, under 2yrs – $15

Book now: limited tickets available – reservations are required

For more info or to make reservations, call: 252-504-2628 or visit Crystal Coast Lady Cruises website.

Submitted by: Jaimie, Crystal Coast Lady Cruises