New Bern’s Arts Scene is growing – Visit Artwalk Downtown New Bern!

When I moved here, I considered New Bern a charming town known for its History, especially when it celebrated its 300th year Anniversary in 2010 as it was North Carolina’s first State Capitol.

As a nature lover, I was also drawn to New Bern’s abundant outdoor recreational opportunities. I’m a primitive camper and enjoy fishing, hiking, and the great outdoors!

Little did I know that New Bern had a large population of Artists, Studios, and Shops.

That was until I met local artists during my travels while writing about New Bern. I met Lisa Bisbee and she introduced me to New Bern’s art world. We became fast friends and she inspired me to enhance NBN’s website. Lisa joined forces with New Bern Now in April 2012 as a graphic designer.

Lisa introduced Laura Johnson, the voice of NBN’s radio segments on WNOS, and I to New Bern’s art scene. In case you didn’t know, Laura is very creative and always wanted to be an artist. Lisa inspired her to take action and now you can find Laura’s artwork at the Greater Good Gallery.

Although I’m not a traditional artist, I do have two “Enviro-Art” pieces in the Greater Good Gallery. I really appreciate nature’s bounties and want to share them with others.

Wondering where I’m going with this, well, New Bern has artists from all walks of life. From “home grown” to starving artists. There’s a place for everyone at the numerous art galleries and quaint shops around town.

The above video is a glimpse into what’s to come on July 12, 2013 from 5pm – 8pm at participating art galleries, shops, restaurants, and pubs.

Michaelé Rose Watson told us about the new non-profit organization, “Community Artists Will”. CAW is intended to create a place where we can be more supportive of our local artists and will help put artists back to work. She said, “That’s why we have Bohemian Night, to support local artists!”

David English, owner of Black Owl Guitars, played music for us on his recycled guitar. I won’t go into detail as we plan on visiting his workshop to see all of his unique instruments!

We hope to see you during the July Artwalk!

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