Havelock Chamber embraces Communities in Craven and surrounding counties!

Thea Kincaid and I really enjoyed talking with our friend, Stephanie Duncan, the Executive Director of the Havelock Chamber of Commerce.

Thea and I believe Stephanie has been responsible for rejuvenating the Havelock Chamber when she took over in 2008. Although she has the title of Executive Director, Stephanie considers herself more of a “doer”. She’s definitely a “hands on” Leader.

I’ve seen Stephanie’s leadership style in the past. It reminds me of my fellow Navy Chiefs. We took the heat when Sailors in our charge made mistakes and credited our “team” for accomplishments vs. taking recognition for ourselves.

Before taking on the job, she didn’t see how other Chambers did business, Stephanie said, “When I took on the position, I really did it as what I would want from a Chamber of Commerce if I was a member and I went about it that way”. She believes that “if we all worked together, we would get more accomplished for our community and for our own businesses. It’s all give and take.”

Stephanie invites everyone to come to their Business After Hours. “You don’t have to be a member; she believes it’s a great opportunity to get to know people and wants you to get to know the community you live in. Just because we’re across the river doesn’t mean that we’re not part of the community as we all have to rely on one another.”

With a three woman crew, the Havelock Chamber works hard to shine the spotlight on local businesses and non-profits by offering ribbon cutting ceremonies, business after hours, and takes part in organizing numerous events throughout the year. They also spend hours promoting Chamber members in emails and in website announcements.

With Stephanie’s “doer” attitude, she’s working hard to utilize social media tools like Facebook and many sites to promote Members of the Havelock Chamber of Commerce!

Visit the Havelock Chamber of Commerce at 201 Tourist Drive, Havelock, NC, call 252-447-1101, visit their Website and Facebook page.

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