Craven County Children Learn Water Safety at Twin Rivers YMCA!

Over the years, the Twin Rivers YMCA has been teaching water safety to over a thousand children.

All it takes is one child to know how to throw a safety floating device to a friend or wear a life jacket on a canoe that flips over in the river. These simple factors can make a difference between life and death.

The Twin Rivers YMCA makes a difference in our community by teaching free water safety training to Craven County school age children.

Twin Rivers YMCA Aquatics Director, Skip Nitardy, told us about the special Water Safety Program.

Every year, the YMCA provides free water safety classes to schools. Besides the kids enjoying the pool and having a good time, they learned valuable lessons about water safety.

Although our waterways draw people to New Bern, it’s vital that local children know the hazards and lifesaving technique to save a buddy.

Special thanks to Skip Nitardy, Aquatics Director, for taking a couple of minutes out of this busy day to tell us about this unique program.

He told us the students learn swim lessons, safe reach and throw techniques (so they don’t get in the water to save someone), and a life jacket program.

Besides offering this water safety program, the Twin Rivers YMCA also provides swim lessons, and water safety to groups of children such as the Girl and Boy Scout Troops.

We would also like to thank President Todd Shuart, Executive Director, and Susan Decker, Assistant Aquatics Director, their hardworking board members, staff, and volunteers.

They are always looking for volunteers! For more information about the Twin Rivers YMCA, please call them at 252-638-8799, visit them at 100 YMCA Lane in New Bern, or check out their website!

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Wendy Card