DoubleTree by Hilton teams up with New Bern Now to promote businesses and non-profits!

Last month,Thea Kincaid and I joined forces with Marcie Mills, the General Manager of The DoubleTree by Hilton in New Bern. Our goal is to promote local businesses and non-profits in short video segments on the third Thursday of every month.

As the new General Manager, Marcie is not new to the Hilton as she’s held numerous positions at the hotel over the past 15 years. With that much time and knowledge invested, she’s very passionate about this beautiful riverside resort. Marcie’s ready to make a difference with upcoming renovations to the hotel and restaurant.

Enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Christoph’s! Their full breakfast buffet with made to order items was wonderful!

Marcie’s also looking forward to promoting the DoubleTree by Hilton’s CARE program. It stands for “Creating a Rewarding Experience”. They are very active in our community and we look forward to finding out more about the CARE program.

Our “Shout out” videos are a free community service to help people spread their message of the latest happenings throughout the Greater New Bern area.

Please know this isn’t a place for people to talk about daily specials or advertorial content, (i.e. Visit _____ for ½ price ____ on Wednesday or get 10% off on ____).

We are inviting businesses and non-profits to stop by the DoubleTree by Hilton’s Inn at 10am on the third Thursday of every month to do a little 10 – 15 second “Shout out” for exciting things that you’re working on.

Don’t miss this unique marketing opportunity that will be shared on numerous Internet sites!

We are really exciting to learn more about the latest happenings throughout thought the Greater New Bern area and look forward to meeting you!

The next video “Shout Out” event is planned for March 21st at 10am at the DoubleTree by Hilton (Third Thursday of every month). Learn more about this free and unique marketing opportunity for your non-profit or business by visiting New Bern Now’s previous article and video.

For more information, please call New Bern Now at 252-638-6858 or send an email to Thea Kincaid or Wendy Card.

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Wendy Card