Evolve Counseling Services of New Bern

Evolve Counseling Services of New Bern is a private, faith-based, Christian counseling practice.

Evolve integrates solid biblical theology with the best of mainstream psychology to help those seeking to improve themselves, their relationships and their overall mental/emotional well-being. Recognizing that humans consist of mind, body and spirit, Evolve uses treatment methods which attend to each aspect of our being, thereby treating the whole person. Drawing upon both biblical and scientifically sound psychological principles, Evolve’s mission is to bring balanced healing and growth to its clients, helping them to experience victory over life’s various events.

Visit Evolve Counseling Services at 2807 Neuse Blvd., Suite 4, New Bern; call 252-670-3421, or Evolve’s website for more information.

Submitted by: Teisha Weeks