Pals for Paws reflects on 2012

Photo of New Leash on Life Trainers taken by New Bern Now in March 2010

As we are wrapping up 2012, Pals for Paws looks back at our year with great pride and joy. Thanks to you, we had a very successful raffle ticket campaign. We received a wonderful and much appreciated grant from Weyerhaeuser. We enabled more than 373 cats and 252 dogs to be spay/neutered through Animal Care Center on Hwy 17.

We, in cooperation with Colonial Capitol Humane Society, helped get 25 cats spay/neutered that were endangered because the father of their guardian attempted to kill them.  We helped Christ Church get a colony of cats living in downtown New Bern neutered.  We helped RPC spay/neuter a couple of cats living at the homeless shelter. These cats are much loved and provide a lot of love and affection to the residents.  We spay/neutered a colony of 25 cats in Vanceboro.

We received over $750 in donations for the New Leash on Life dog that was killed in the Fairfield Harbour house fire along with her cat companion. This money was shared with the prison and shelter to be used for the New Leash on Life program.

We found wonderful homes for 24 New Leash on Life dogs that graduated from the inmate training program at the Craven Correctional Institution. These dogs were transferred from the Craven/Pamlico Animal Shelter to the prison and then adopted into a new life in happy forever homes.

We met many of you at our booth at the MumFest and Farmer’s Market. When you made donations to our programs, we sent beautiful cards to those you wanted to be remembered in your name. We shared our resources with others that needed help in getting treatment for their cats and dogs due to injury or sickness.

Our work and accomplishments are a community endeavor.  We cannot stand alone and we certainly could not have done this much without your generous help.

Pals for Paws wishes all of you a wonderful 2013.  We look forward to working with you in the year to come.

Some more good news. Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks.  As I have written before, I recently adopted a badly injured little dog that had been in a puppy mill, kicked out when she could no longer reproduce and then hit by a vehicle.  This little girl dog had many, many injuries and had to have her back leg removed.   She is still afraid of everything but she is housebroken, knows her name and comes when I call her.  Not bad for a ten year dog who had lived, most likely, in a cage all her life.  Her next accomplishment will be to come out from my office where she hides behind the cat condo.  We are making baby steps but she is doing great.  Many of you have asked about her.

Submitted by: Bonnie Compton, Pals for Paws