1000 EGG ART Installation & Bohemian Night

Bohemian Night during New Bern Artwalk on Sept 14 with 1000 EGG ART INSTALLATION by Michaele Rose Watson at New Bern Artworks, a.k.a. the ol' Baxter building.
Bohemian Night during New Bern Artwalk on Sept 14 with 1000 EGG ART INSTALLATION by Michaele Rose Watson at New Bern Artworks, a.k.a. the ol’ Baxter building.

1000 EGG ART Installation & Bohemian Night
on Pollock Street at New Bern Artworks, Sept 14, 2012

On Bohemian Night during New Bern Artwalk, you are invited to enjoy the company of artists and performers at 323 POLLOCK STREET in front of the Gallery of New Bern Artworks at the ol’ Baxter building where buckets of creative folk will be strolling through artistic processes. Jazzilicious music by Andrea & Phil Owens, plus artists will be sketching, painting, singing, creating, developing, poetizing, performing & throwing clay. Look at the lineup:

Lee Hood
Jon Derby
Lisa Bisbee
Tim Castania
Ed Macomber
Valerie Rissel
Blaine Kruger
Amber Ayala
Ben Watford
Se’rah Cheatham
Ben Watford
Bill Reiter
Chris Buttitta
Cindy Ridlon
Dara Dolder
Daryl Sidnor
Dillon Gunn
Gail Bisbee
Mitch Lewis
James Herring
Tracey Marcrum
Bridgette Swayne
Candace Young
Robert Hennon
Meg Wethington
Angela Hollowell
Robin Griswold-Ott
Dara Merrell Morgan
Andrea & Phil Owens
Janice & Gary Peterson
Michaelé Rose Watson
Sarah Thrasher

Bohemian Night is an effort to support the one thousand egg art installation produced by conceptual artist Michaelé Rose Watson, as discussed in Watson’s  artist statement, conveying growth and creative energy.


The One Thousand Egg Possibility Theory

An Artist Statement by Michaelé Rose Watson

This installation is about growth. It’s about the unstoppable force of life that flows from one small fragile form to an out pouring of creative energy that just keeps growing.

We are like eggs always hatching new ideas, reaching for new goals, sometimes they succeed & sometimes they do not, sometimes those ideas take longer to hatch than we imagined. We are like eggs … if they do not hatch … there are always more ideas & goals to pursue.

I will be taking this installation to the next level and that level is in the streets outside Studio 323 New Bern Artworks Gallery where others like me will be doing what they do best, Create. What lifts all artists, lifts me too. The strength of this installation is about the power of Many, as the energy of the many is unstoppable. Every artists set-up outside this gallery, on September 14, 2012 is the result of their own conceptual evolution from an egg, doing what they do best, Create. The spiral form has it’s roots in our universe, it’s primal, it’s the beginning, it is where all possibilities become limitless.

We are the dreamers that plant the seeds of discovery to new realities, we are the eggs that hatch and grow or die depending on how strongly we choose to survive. The Power of the Many in it’s most perfect form, the egg is where the impossible becomes the reality.


Enjoy the creativity on September 14

New Bernian poet, Meg Wethington, writes, “dramatic drumroll:trumpets blare:flags waving in evening new bern breeze: artisans superlative in their genres will be lined up and down the sidewalk in front of the historic old baxter building crafting and painting and showing off their mad art skillz, there will be spoken word poetry for you to explore, and EVERYONE is invited to come and enjoy the excitement of the interactive open minded BOHO art movement sweeping New Bern…we welcome you to our stage xoxox BOHOS REPRESENT!!!!”

Video: http://youtu.be/q9QjSLw_TKE

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BohemianNewBern