Results of the halfway mark to promote New Bern in Our State Magazine!

Photo by: Joe Hughes

Our State Magazine is offering a chance for North Carolina cities and towns to tell our stories with their “5 Things to Do in My Town”.

We really appreciate the 40 people who have participated in the survey that we published two days ago. We are very pleased by the response, but we ask you to send this to as many people that you know in New Bern to make sure that we represent the Greater New Bern area!

The top five answers are listed for each category. If your favorite places aren’t listed, now is your chance to complete the survey as we will collect all of the data on August 8th and create a special video and article to submit for our town.

There are numerous “runners up” for all the categories so now is your chance to support your favorite place!

You’re input is necessary for us to make a non-biased opinion of our town! So far, these are the top 5 answers:

Favorite places to eat: Morgan’s Tavern & Grill, The Chelsea, Persimmons Waterfront Restaurant, Captain Ratty’s Seafood Restaurant, and MJ’s Raw Bar and Grill.

Best attractions: Tryon Palace, North Carolina History Center, the Neuse and Trent Rivers, New Bern Civic Theatre, and Union Point Park.

Favorite historical places: Tryon Palace, Cedar Grove Cemetery, Streets of Downtown New Bern, Christ Church, and First Presbyterian Church.

Best places to shop: Carolina Creations, Mitchell Hardware, Target, and there’s many local businesses that have one vote.

Favorite scenic drive or overlooks: Views from our bridges, Union Point Park, Drive down Country Club Road, Front Street, and as there’s many others that have one vote.

Where people think the action is: The Streets of Downtown New Bern, Union Point Park, and like the past two categories, there are places where one person believes the action is.

Favorite Cafés and/or Ice Cream Parlors: Port City Java, Trent River Coffee Company, Cow Café, Dairy Queen, and Froyo 101.

Most picturesque places: Union Point Park, Downtown New Bern, The Rivers, Tryon Palace, and the view from our bridges.

Places you would take visitors: Downtown New Bern, Mitchell Hardware, Boat rides on the rivers, and Rhems Fire Department on a Friday night to enjoy good food and “Pickin’ music”!

Participate in this quick survey and help us put New Bern on the map and highlight your favorite restaurants, attractions, historical attractions, shops, scenic views, and more. Once we gather your input, we will create a video slideshow to represent our town.

Here’s the link to our quick survey:

We will be collecting your information (not personal information) through August 7th, 2012. Thank you for participating!

Tell us what you think by commenting below or send us an email. You can also follow us on New Bern Now’s Facebook page!

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