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ARTASTICO Inclusive Art Classes for Every Child

All Children deserve the chance to develop creative abilities!

Ms. Beth has been actively involved in the Art Communities of Pittsburgh, Chicago, Austin, New York, Wilmington and right here in little ole’ New Bern. She has developed ARTASTICO to fill a special niche in the community!

Art Classes are $5 for a 75 minute session & include all materials. They include a Literacy component, an Art History component and a Music component in addition to completion of a creative project that the student takes home.

Projects are focused on IEP goals where possible…including but not limited to; Fine Motor Skill Enhancement and Tactile Desensitization!

Monday, July 16th – Egyptian Scarabs
Monday, July 23th – Olympic Torches & Laurel Wreaths
Monday, July 30th – Viking Boats
Monday, August 6th – Japanese Koi Paintings
Monday, August 13th – Celtic Knot Tiles

Reserve your space by calling Ms. Gavin at Hour Special Place 252-633-4646

Inclusive Children’s Art Classes, ARTASTICO at the Hour Special in the Food Lion Shopping Center in James City.

For more information, call 252-633-4646 or send an email.

Submitted by: Beth Gosnell