>Wondering why New Bern Now didn’t post for Five Days?


It was the allure of the Blue Ridge Mountains!

When a good friend invited me to their secluded and beautiful countryside mountain getaway, I had to go.

When nature calls…I was more than ready to answer!

See for yourself:

Imagine a life without television, cell phones, Internet access… what they call “being off the grid”.

You have time to catch up on your reading, take a walk in the woods, sit in front of the fire, write about your excursions in a journal, play a board game, and imagine this; have a conversation with a friend face to face vs. via cell phone, text, skype, etc.

I predict within the next 2 years, people will pay a lot of money for a place like this with an outdoor and indoor (non-gas) fireplace to get back to nature and escape any stressors of daily life.

What do you think?

Take a double-take of these pictures! Are you willing to give in to modern technology….or would you like to take a mini-vacation in a rental cabin or bed and breakfast? You wouldn’t have a worry in the World and you could enjoy watching birds and wildlife unfold before your eyes!

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Wendy Card