>Purina Incredible Dog Team performs at MUMFEST – New Bern, NC!


When I heard the Purina “High Flying” Incredible Dog Team was performing at MUMFEST, I made it a priority to attend this special event!

If you haven’t noticed, I love animals, especially dogs. I’ve tried doing tricks with my pup, but he only performs when he wants to. By watching this fun-filled event, I learned that I too could teach my dog to become a Frisbee “catcher”.

Since the performance was at least 20 minutes, I segmented the video into three parts.

Part one is packed with the dogs having fun catching Frisbees, performing agility moves, doing flips, and performing other exciting tasks.

Part two will “teach your dog to be a high flying dog”. Part three shows “audience participation” and both videos follow within the next couple of days.

I was very impressed with Dog Trainer, Laura Moretz, as she demonstrated patience while taking charge of these high energy dogs!

Special Thanks to the Purina Incredible Dog Team for coming to New Bern, NC! Kudos goes out to Susan Moffat-Thomas and Danielle Glynn of the Swiss Bear Downtown Development Corporation for coordinating all the MUMFEST activities, events, and vendors!

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