>Warm Weather Brings Unwanted Guests – Mitchell Hardware Saves the Day!


Growing up in Western NY, I remember my first “tick” incident after playing in the field behind my house. I was horrified. My father was a tick-magnet and we must have the same body chemistry. Mosquitoes don’t bother either of us, but the ticks love us!

While on a ten day outdoor adventure and turkey hunting trip with my sister in the Croatan National Forest, I was prepared with 100% deet; long pants and shirts; and head netting…so I thought!

The first day, I pulled off 21 ticks. That night, I couldn’t sleep as I imagined ticks crawling around in the sleeping bag. The next day attracted more ticks and so on! I can’t tell you how many times I sprayed the 100% deet on my clothes and the 40% repellent on skin…it didn’t matter, I was a tick-magnet.

On the seventh day, I took my sister to Mitchell Hardware to buy souvenirs for my family.

As she shopped, I strolled through the aisles and noticed a small container with a “No-Bite-Me” label. The tagline: “Effective on Black Flies, Mosquitos, Fleas, and Ticks – All-In-One Preventative & After Bite Crème”. The label also read: “It Really Works! “No-Bite-Me” is a blend of 18 essential oils including Atlantic Cedarwood, Citronella, and Marjoram oils. Safe for infants and kids! For best results dot every 3-4 inches on exposed skin and blend in. Apply every 4-5 hours and after swimming. Keep the bugs at bay – gently and naturally – the SallyeAnder way”.

As soon as we got back to camp, I applied the crème to my ankles, wrists, abdomen, and neck. Believe it or not, I only had ONE rogue tick for the rest of our trip.

Please know, I’m not knocking 100% deet or other bug repellent, it worked most of the time for my sister, who only had four ticks the entire trip.

I’m only trying to make the point if you are a “Tick-Magnet”, I highly recommend visiting Mitchell Hardware for this special tick warfare crème!

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Wendy Card