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>Craven Early College is only one of many new kinds of high schools being developed all over the country. These schools are called Early Colleges and they give students a unique educational opportunity to do high school and college work at the same and the ability to graduate in five years with their high school diploma and their choice of Associates Degree (at no cost to the student). If they can put in the hard work required the benefits they receive are endless.

I am the product of an Early College. I entered in my 9th grade year and couldn’t imagine any other way of learning. The class sizes in a normal early college high school range from seven to fifteen kids. So it’s much easier to get one on one learning with the teachers and develop a more concrete relationship with peers. Another neat aspect about being a student here is the support we constantly receive from teachers, administrators, peers, and parents. Everyone is here to help you do your very best and knowing that helps to make kids soar.

The work we do here is challenging. Our school runs on the basic belief of the 3 R’s: Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships. They aren’t kidding about the rigor aspect. Students are expected to keep up with regular high school classes at the same time as maintaining their grades in college classes. It can be difficult at first, but the beauty of the school is that it teaches you how to muli-task, organize, time management, and so much more that helps make tackling problems a breeze.

There’s a family feeling at Craven Early College that helps students feel comfortable and really helps them find themselves in their difficult teen years. There’s even a “family day” once a month when the whole school gets together to celebrate success and talk about what needs to improve and really helps us all stay connected.

I am seventeen years old and going into my senior year at Craven Early College in the fall. I have finished all my high school requirements and now Im looking at being able to complete two Associates Degree’s (Ass. In Science, and Ass. In Arts) and graduate in the spring of May 2012. I really found my place here at Craven and couldn’t imagine having gone to traditional high school instead. The rewards I’ve gotten here have really prepared me for university and the real world. I am proud to say I am an Early College Student and would recommend it to any eighth grader thinking about applying.

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