>“Spotlight on Creative Memories – Unique Ways to Display your Pictures”


Thea Kincaid and I had a great time visiting with Claudia Houston today and learning more about her business as a Consultant with Creative Memories.

As Claudia described in the video, there are many people (me included) who have large collections of photos that are sitting in a cardboard box or other container either eroding in the garage or attic or collecting dust in another place.

One may wonder, why take pictures if they end up in a place where no one can enjoy them? That’s where Claudia’s expertise as a Photo Solutions Consultant comes into play. She helps people create memory books, calendars, photo albums, hurricane boxes, digital story books, and many more specialized products.

Creative Memories unique products aren’t available in stores. The products are available thru local consultants in the US, Canada, Germany, and Japan.

Have fun hosting a Creative Memories home party where you and your friends can order their products from Claudia.

Claudia’s goal is to help you display your pictures in an album or somewhere people will enjoy them.

Attend one of Claudia’s traditional scrapbooking workshops. People can bring their original photographs or bring their computer with digital images for this fun training session. The workshop is held at the Emerald Golf Club where you can have lunch and dinner for only $30!

For more information, please contact Claudia Houston, Photo Solutions Consultant for Creative Memories, at 252-633-3260 or visit her website: www.mycmsite.com/claudiahouston. Your Life. Your Story. Your Way.

Thank you, Claudia, for reminding me of the importance of preserving precious photographic memories! I’ll be contacting you in the near future to ask for your help in organizing my photos!

Wendy Card