>New Bern Youth Advocacy – CL King Group

>The CL King Group is a Youth Advocacy organization that utilizes a multifaceted approach to motivate youth throughout North Carolina to identify and make quality life choices.

Our philosophy consists of helping to create cycle of positive influence around each young person. We seek to stimulate engagement from schools, faith-based organizations, community leaders, parents and the individual young person.

The CL King Group holds Youth Choice Rallies throughout the state where we motivate children, teenagers, and young adults to pursue academic excellence, community involvement, and positive choice making.

In addition to Choice Rallies, the CL King Group has created the G.O.A.L. Initiative. This workbook is designed to be a tool and resource for students to identify and organize their life goals. We encourage parental involvement, which is one the key ingredients needed for our students to be successful. Together with communities all across America, the CL King Group is focused on reaching one life…one day at a time!

Submitted by: Christopher L. King, President, C.L. King Group, 252-646-1916,