Must Visit Country Store “Down the Road” from New Bern!

Zaks of Mallardtown

I met with Zack Koonce today to discuss how we can partner in efforts to assist our local Coastal Carolina American Red Cross Chapter at his store, Z.A.K.’S of Mallardtown, USA in Trenton, NC.

The saying, “first impressions are lasting” rings true on this occasion! Zack, his wife JoAnn, and their Country Store left a lasting impression on me. So lasting that I couldn’t help but write about this quaint, unique, and good ole’ Country Store!

If you haven’t visited Z.A.K.’S of Mallardtown, USA, you are missing out on an extensive array of handmade items, from artwork, Yankee Candles, consignment crafts, bath and body supplies, Burt’s Bees natural beauty products, lawn flags, decorative step stones, seasoned peanuts and sunflower seeds, jams, custom jewelry, pearls, home decorative signs, quilts, throws, and pillows, Fall and Christmas items, old fashioned candy, to homemade bread, and much more! Wearing many hats, Zack is also a Jeweler and can repair your cherished possessions!

Browsing through the rooms of this old barn and looking at the antique memorabilia, I couldn’t help but take a step back in time. The aromatic scents and merchandise made me reminisce about growing up and how times have changed over the years. I wish I discovered Z.A.K.’S of Mallardtown, USA, sooner, especially when my family and friends have visited. This is a MUST see on my list, not only to shop, but to bring friends here so they can have the experience!

The jams were irresistible, I had to buy the blueberry and blackberry ones! Also, to cute to pass up were the handmade cotton angel ornaments. Since I love Smoky Mountain Heritage music, I added a CD mix of songs to my basket. I’m sure I would’ve bought more but left most of my money at home!

Bring your kids to feed the sheep or relax for a picnic in the country!

Although Z.A.K.’S of Mallardtown, USA, is located in Trenton (Jones County), they are only 15-20 minutes from New Bern. Take some time out of your busy schedule and take a short drive down a country road to step back in time.

Directions: From New Bern take Hwy 70 West towards Trenton and turn left onto Ten Mile Fork Road (Country Route 1002). From River Bend, take Highway 17 South and make a right turn onto Ten Mile Fork Road (Country Route 1002).

Z.A.K.’S of Mallardtown, USA, is open every Saturday from 10am – 5pm until Fall and Christmas Seasons when they extend their hours. They are located at 1553 Ten Mile Fork Road, Trenton, NC. For more information, please call 252-448-1920 or visit their facebook page.

Also, Zack Koonce is running for Jones County Commissioner in November 2010.

Thank you JoAnn and Zack for your southern hospitality, terrific conversation, and the tour of your Country Store!

Wendy Card