>Moore’s Olde Tyme Bar-B-Que – Guinness World Record Event!

Photo taken by: Patricia Moore McDaniel

Tommy Moore, Pit Master and Owner of Moore’s Olde Tyme Barbeque in New Bern, NC, will attempt a Guinness World Record for the “Largest Open Sandwich” – Barbeque Bun on Independence Day 2010!

If you ask Tommy why he decided to compete for the Guinness World Record, he’ll tell you that he wants to bring attention to and recognize the people of New Bern, NC, who make it a great place to live. He also hopes to bring national attention to New Bern, especially during our 300th Anniversary celebration.

What will Moore’s Barbeque Team receive if they conquer the record? A Guinness World Record Certificate and it will put New Bern, NC, on the map for the Guinness World’s Largest Open Sandwich – Barbeque Bun! If you know Tommy, it’s not about him; it’s about bringing attention to the community of New Bern.

Tommy and his team have worked hard for a year and a half preparing for this extraordinary event. He has a host of talented people by his side – a Marketing/Public Relations Director, Master Metal Worker, Racecar Engine Builder, many cooks, and numerous supporters from New Bern’s community.

Betty Thomas, Marketing/Public Relations Director, was instrumental in researching the requirements and submitting the application to the Guinness World Record Organization for this history making event.

Master Metal Worker, Billy Norris, created the special oven, measuring 10 square feet, to cook the enormous bun. This one-of-a-kind oven is ready and will be a key factor in cooking the bun.

The other factor is creating the perfect mixture of dough for the huge bun. People may think it’s easy, you just make some dough and put it in the oven and poof – the bun is done. If you’ve ever made dough, try making a Guinness World Record sized bun! Think of how difficult it can be making bread rise – yeast, temperature, exact amounts of ingredients, etc., and then think about creating an evenly cooked and tasty gigantic bun. Ingredients aren’t the only factor, you also have to account for the distribution of heat throughout the massive oven.

This spectacular event wouldn’t be legitimate without the racecar scales required to weight this remarkable sandwich. Racecar Engine Builder, Garley Daniels, has worked long and hard to create the scales.

Another important event contributor is National Equipment Sales who will provide the special fork lift to transport the bun into the oven.

The year and a half long efforts would be worthless if Tommy didn’t have his faithful cooking and assembly team, consisting of 30 – 40 people (relatives, staff, and individual volunteers). It will take plenty of oak wood coals to cook enough barbeque for the event. Think about how many hours and people it takes to prepare and cook this delicious Eastern North Carolina barbeque! And don’t forget preparing the tasty coleslaw!

Let’s take a moment to reflect back to the origins of this famous barbeque establishment. Tommy learned how to cook barbeque from his Father, John Moore, when he was thirteen years old. His Father and Mother, Dot Moore, founded Moore’s Olde Tyme Barbeque 65 years ago. Tommy’s been cooking for 46 years and took over the family business when his parents passed away.

Today, Moore’s Barbeque is a staple diet for many of New Bern’s residents and visitors. Over the years, Tommy has shared the wealth among the community as a “silent philanthropist”. He’s helped countless church groups, civic organizations, and non-profits with their fundraisers. He is a humble, kind-hearted, and hard working man with a great sense of humor!

The City of New Bern’s Mayor loves Moore’s Barbeque, “New Bern is a city known for its peaceful quality of life, beautiful summer afternoons on the lazy river, friendly people and of course its appetite for Eastern Carolina BBQ. I did not know quite how big our appetite for BBQ was until I heard the scope of Moore’s sandwich. This is another great example of how New Bernians go out of their way to share some fun times with one another and to keep you smiling. I am looking forward to a great July 4th here in New Bern and I hope everyone joins us at Union Point Park for Moore’s BBQ attempt for a Guinness World Record…bring your smile, your family and friends, and of course, a huge appetite.” – Mayor Lee W. Bettis, Jr.

As part of New Bern’s 300th Anniversary Fourth of July Celebration at Union Point Park, the Guinness World Record Open Sandwich – Barbeque Bun will take place at 1:00pm and will feed at least 300 people (to coincide with the 300 years) for FREE. A fun twist to this historic event is the voice of New Bern Auctioneer, Phillip Banks, who will count the pounds of barbeque as they are piled on the big bun and topped off with Moore’s special coleslaw.

Become a part of history by taking part in New Bern’s Fourth of July Celebrations at Union Point Park in New Bern, NC!

For more information about Moore’s Barbeque attempt for the Guinness World Record Event, visit: New Bern’s Convention and Vistors Center. All Media Please Contact: Betty Thomas, Marketing/Public Relations Director – Guinness World Records Representative 757-371-6599.

Make your reservations today! For more information about New Bern, NC, please visit: New Bern Now.

Thanks for your time, Tommy, I know you’re a busy man! Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime event!

Wendy Card