>Could You Survive in 1862? A Snapshot to New Bern’s Civil War Battle!

Considered a “Yankee” by a few of my dearest Southern friends, I was thrilled to hear about the “Remembering the War” re-enactments and symposiums throughout this weekend.

Many people are excited to hear the cannons and see the muzzleloader guns fired. I know I was when I was younger!

To me, this is a weekend to reflect on the tragedies of thousands of lives lost between the North and South. Too many Soldiers fought against their own brothers to protect their homesteads and came home to hear their beloved had died!

As a basic person who would love to live in a small cabin, on a creek with plenty of acres separating me from society; I enjoyed seeing how “Camp Life” was “back in the day”. Imagine the simple life: drinking water from wells or creeks, living off the land by foraging vegetation and fishing/hunting on an “as needed basis”. No traffic jams, electric bills, mortgage payments, etc. Although they didn’t have the benefits of modern technology – would they truly want them?

The saying “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” rings true! If the Civil War never happened who knows if we would be considered the “United States vs. Divided States”!

I believe in the importance of recognizing the freedoms of Black Slaves in March 1862. Most of us have had a “bad boss”, but imagine how life would be if you were a slave. You would have to enter the building behind the scenes and work over-extended hours; you would sustain whipping or even hanging for sometimes unknown reasons (sometimes for the color of their skin). They had no choice, we can always quit!

I hope you have the chance to experience the re-enactments throughout New Bern. I can’t imagine wearing dark, wool clothing and carrying heavy gear in the 90 degree temps!

Thank you, Re-enactment Volunteers for taking the time to educate us and remind us
how fortunate we are!

Wendy Card