>Attention Wildlife Lovers!


My first trip to The Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center of Eastern NC was exciting and educational. The second trip was even better because I remembered the camera!

A special thanks to Ellen Westermann, Founder and Director of the Wild Arc for her warm welcome and interesting tour! Ellen retired as a Master Sergeant from the US Marine Corps in 1995. Since then, she founded this wonderful non-profit organization which is vital to the survival of injured and abandoned WILD animals in Eastern NC. Ellen and a special group of volunteers dedicate their time to these helpless animals. With the support of local veterinary clinic, WILD Arc rehabilitates these wild animals and introduces them back into their natural environment.

Take a look at some of their current residents (baby Eastern Screech Owl, Great Horned Owl, Red Tailed Hawk, and baby Possum):

Please call WildArc to volunteer, donate materials and/or funds, or to schedule a tour at 252-638-4646. They are located at 1312 Old Cherry Point Rd (across from Williams Farm in James City).

Wendy Card