>A Lifetime’s Non-Ordinary Events by Local Author – Richard Ward

Local Author, Richard Ward, is proud to announce the publishing of his new book – “A Lifetime’s Non-Ordinary Events”. This special book is about Richard’s lifetime tribulations and extraordinary events!

I may be partial to his life’s story because I read his manuscript numerous times before it was published and I feel we’re connected through his literature. During parts of Richard’s wonderful life, I noticed many parallels to my Parent’s lives. They are of English decent, lived through the wars and the Great Depression, and traveled to similar places. Richard is a US Army Veteran, Retired Government worker, World Traveler, and most of all a very kind man!

If your looking for a fantastic read, please contact Richard via Email to order one of his books.

Thank you, Richard, for sharing your book and life stories with me! I hope others will enjoy it as much as I have!

Wendy Card