New Bern gets a “Taste of Spring”

What a gorgeous weekend it turned out to be. I took full advantage today by launching my “NuCanoe”. I bought it at New Bern Field and Stream Sports a couple of weeks ago and only used it once. Today was the perfect day to get out on the water.

Update: Field and Stream Sports name has changed to the Sportsman’s Toy Store. Visit them at 2551 Hwy 70 East, New Bern, 252-638-5600.

Thankfully, I have friends who own “riverfront” property in River Bend! Floating around in my small craft, a couple of guys passed me in their decked out bass boat. As they were admiring my neat little watercraft, I asked if they would like to swap boats. They laughed out loud and probably thought; I must be out of my mind. At least I made them smile!

In reality, I wouldn’t trade my nifty NuCanoe in for a big boat that takes up a lot of room, requires regular maintenance, and is a hassle to back-up the trailer!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat at Brice’s Creek boat ramp and watched people back their trailers up 10-20 times until they’ve finally pulled their fancy boats out of the water.

I shouldn’t make fun. When my sister bought her nice camper a couple of years back, it took us least an hour to back it into the camping spot. We heard the chuckling of other campers until the sound became annoying and then the peanut gallery’s laughs turned into cuss words. Besides arguing amongst ourselves, our neighbors were chiming in with “just park it” and other remarks that I won’t repeat! We finally gave up and parked the camper close to the road! She’s a pro at it now, but I’ll stick to tent camping.

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful weekend!

Wendy Card