Support the Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center of East Carolina

Did you know that we have a wildlife hospital in New Bern? This special non-profit wildlife center, also known as WILDARC, examines, diagnoses, and treats wild animals in order to preserve the natural wildlife habitat of Eastern Carolina.

WILDARC is an urgent care center that treats emergency cases and also nurses orphaned wildlife back to health in order to rehabilitate them so they can be released back into their natural environment.

Since WILDARC doesn’t receive Federal or State funding, they rely on the community at large to keep their center alive. They need volunteers (to keep the center open for emergencies, etc.), monetary contributions (for prescriptions, diagnostic procedures, surgeries, maintain the facility, etc.), and donations of the following supplies:

– Paper Towels
– Dawn dishwashing liquid (original blue)
– Liquid laundry detergent
– Lysol
– Bleach
– Toilet paper
– Paper towels
– Newspaper
– Bait fish (like mullet)

With your help they can provide vital services to injured wild animals 365 days a year. In the winter, they close at 5pm and in the spring and summer they close at 6pm. They give concise instructions on their voice mail if someone needs to contact them at night. There are no holidays when it comes to caring for their furry patients!

The WILDARC provides valuable educational information about wildlife and how you can improve our ecological environment. Learn how your assistance will increase their ability to spread public awareness of wildlife preservation and enhance the quality of life for wild animals living among us!

Visit their informative website to learn more about this extraordinary non-profit organization and learn of ways you can help preserve the wildlife for our future generations. They are located at 1312 Old Cherry Point Rd. and can be reached at 252-638-4646.