Sabrina Bengel for First Ward Alderman

My record in this community demonstrates my ability to serve in a leadership position with a proactive style of getting the job done. I will support and continue working to make New Bern a better place to live and work. As your Alderman, I will commit to serving you with dignity and respect, listen to your concerns and requests and work to ensure that the best interests of the Citizens of the First Ward are served.

I respectfully ask for your Vote on October 6th.
Leadership: Bring a proactive vision, passion, and “can do” spirit to City Hall.

Business Growth & Development: Actively work to attract new business as well as dedicate resources to upgrade and develop the Five Points Business Area (the gateway to the Downtown District).

Drainage: Commit to develop a comprehensive plan to evaluate, address and replace aging infrastructure in the Downtown, Dryborough and Five Points Areas.

Utilities: Enable the Electric Utilities Board members to have a more pro-active voice in helping to reduce rates. We must work to ease the burdens of the increased costs passed on to our citizens for water, sewer and electric services.

Character of our City: Protect the character of our city and neighborhoods by reviewing zoning ordinances to ensure that property values are protected and enhanced.

Preservation: Continue the effort to preserve the integrity of our historic neighborhoods and structures through a well developed Preservation Plan.

Strategic Plan: Commit to develop short and long range plans to help guide the growth of the residential and commercial districts.

Fiscal Responsibility: Review how we currently spend taxpayer dollars, by working to seek creative ways to reduce costs and increase revenues through additional grant opportunities and public/private and regional partnerships.

Term Limits: Commit to limit the terms of Mayor and Aldermen to two 4-year staggered terms as well as returning the election of City Officials to the national November election date.

Open Government: Commit to adopting open government principles with clear and transparent processes.

If you have comments or would like to talk further about any of this information, please contact me via Email or call me at 252-638-6780.

Guest Blogger and Author: Sabrina Bengel for First Ward Alderman, Sabrina Bengel’s Website