Guest Blogger: Mr. Frank Kerr, Candidate for Mayor

1. I will work with the city residents to lower the sewer and water rates. I will try to meet the officials of the other cities to develop a water and sewer district. The City of New Bern cannot furnish water and sewer for the whole county. I would include Havelock, River Bend, Trent Woods, Vanceboro, and Cove City and by all means the county which receives the largest share of the taxes. This is needed in the future because the ground water is disappearing fast. There are ways to recycle sewer water for use rather than pump it back into the river.

2. I want to go back to the start of electric city and find out who signed our electric rights away in this mess and give you their names so you will have the whole story and search for the complete contract, I think there are some flaws somewhere. I will ask the city electric to lower the rates to the same amount as progress energy or give the citizens the choice to switch. We may have to remove some of the people from Raleigh to do that.

3. I will revisit all the tax money that is given out through city and make sure that your tax money is not being spent on parties and organizations that do not serve the whole city. And will make sure that everyone that owns property pays the same tax per dollar. I will work to change the way the city elections are held, they have them in off months and years to water down the vote. That is why they have been able to stay in office so long. I will work to set the term limits to two terms. I will try to change the city charter that the city government will operate mayor alderman not alderman and city manager. Meaning that the mayor will be chief executive of the city and do away with the city manager.

4. Make sure that the city hires employees that can do the job that they are hired for. The drainage in the city is a joke. The city planner, engineer and department heads do not understand the job. The city officials say when asked about this that the state mandates this. The holes they are leaving in the city are full of green slime to hatch muscedoas. We need to keep the state out of the city because they don’t live here and could care less. Another reason we need someone that will take this to the top. What is happening here is they are trying to build a city with hog farm engineering.

5. I want to help the citizens in five points to revitalize the area. It can be done. If elected, I will use the Mayor’s Office to go all the way to Washington if necessary. The money is there we will keep hollering until we get it. The city has been using the minorities to get money for their use. I have read in the news about grants being given to different organizations for drainage in five points but the money never got there. So if you want help, my name is on the ballot. No one else is going to help.

6. If the same groups return to office in the next year, your water and sewer bill will be $100 a month and your electric bill will be $500 or more so look and see who is trying to help.
Thank you for your vote, Frank Kerr for Mayor

Author: Mr. Frank Kerr, Candidate for Mayor