New Bern Planning and Zoning Board votes in support of rezoning of land next to South Glenburnie Road

Part of land parcels subject to rezoning request located off South Glenburnie Road in New Bern, NC (NBN Photo)
Part of land parcels subject to rezoning located off South Glenburnie Road in New Bern, NC (NBN Photo)

The New Bern Planning and Zoning Board determined that the rezoning of two properties located next to South Glenburnie Road is consistent with the land use plan and in the public interest.

The City of New Bern’s Development Services staff asked the Planning and Zoning Board to consider the rezoning of two “Glenburnie Road” land parcels from residential to commercial during their Feb. 15, 2024 meeting.

The request was made by Ward and Smith, P. A. on behalf of JKB Associates Limited Partnership and RKC Associates Limited Partnership.

According to the City of New Bern’s interactive zoning map website, the two properties are located next to South Glenburnie Road between US Highway 70 and Elizabeth Avenue, and across from Amhurst Boulevard.

One property is identified as Craven County parcel number 8-212-026. It’s adjacent to the Elizabeth Avenue Fire Station, H.J. MacDonald Middle School and South Glenburnie Road. Front Street Developers, Fuel Warehouse, The Market Place Shopping Center and State Employees’ Credit Union are across the street. The 3.7-acre of land is owned by JKB Associates Limited Partnership.

The second parcel, 8-212-4004, is next to the other parcel and is adjacent to H.J. MacDonald Middle School and JKB Associates Limited Partnership. It’s across the road from Front Street Developers, Fuel Warehouse and Market Place Shopping Center. The property is east of a tract owned by Surrey Downs HOA. JKB Associates Limited Partnership and RKC Associates Limited Partnership own the 1.48-acre land parcel.

NBN asked the city and Ward and Smith if the property owners disclosed the intended land use.

Colleen Roberts, public information officer, stated, “The applicant did not disclose information regarding the intended use, nor are they required to by statute.”

Clifford Parsons, attorney with Ward and Smith, replied, “There is no present intended use. This is simply a rezoning of two tracts of property from R-10 to C-3, consistent with the owner’s adjacent property and the property across Glenburnie. As such, the proposed use would be any use permissible by right or as a special use in the C-3 zoning district.”

Uses are outlined in the City of New Bern’s Table of Permissible Uses.

During the meeting, Chairman Brad Jefferson said the board did not have rules and procedures. Staff were then asked to draft and bring documents back to the board.

Kendrick Stanton, land and community development administrator, presented the staff report and other material.

According to the staff report, “The proposed rezoning is abutting and adjacent to Commercial 3 (C-3) zoned properties. The subject parcels are surrounded by both residential and commercial uses. This could be considered reasonable due to its location adjacent to US 17/US 70, and its proximity to existing commercially zoned properties.”

Stanton asked the board to adopt a consistency statement and make a recommendation to the board.

Rusty Ingram asked, “Is there any consideration that needs to be taken into account because it is adjacent to a school area that we’re now making this commercial rather than residential?”

Stanton replied, “That would be up to the board. If they wanted to have deliberation pertaining to that.” He referred to the zoning map and stated, “You have a few different zoning districts that are essentially abutting these two properties. So, there’s an argument on essentially both sides and that would be a board consideration.”

A public hearing was held but no one spoke.

Margie Dunn made a motion to ”Go ahead and proceed and get C3s.”

Kendrick Stanton said, “You have to make a motion, just essentially, if you found it to be consistent with the C3.”

Dunn said, “That the motion be C3. That it is consistent with the land around it…”

Jessica Rhue, director of Development Services, asked, “What does the land use plan say?”

She continued, “So turning it to commercial would be consistent with our adopted land use plan.”

Rhue added, “If you so agree, of course you can say it’s inconsistent and still recommend it. We just have to point it out.

Ingram said, “There’s a sample motion at the bottom.”

Dunn made another motion as she read from a paper, “So the proposed amendment and presentation documentation are found to be consistent with the 2022 land use updated in 2010 land use and determined to be reasonable in the public interest and that it is consistent with the land around.”

Jefferson added, “Alright, we’re going to get there. It’s a new thing.”

Members Sonny Alluzo, Margie Dunn, Rusty Ingram, Marshall Ballard, Brad Jefferson, Kellie Kiser and Thomas Bronnell voted aye. Kyle Dearing was absent.

Correction made: HJ MacDonald is a middle school, not an elementary school.

By Wendy Card, Editor. Send an email with questions or comments.