Parents’ Bill of Rights, graduation requirements, among items on Craven County Board of Education Work Session agenda

Craven County Board of Education (NBN Photo)

The Craven County Board of Education will hold a work session on Dec. 12 at 8:30 a.m. in the Administrative Building meeting room at 3600 Trent Road in New Bern.

The meeting will be livestreamed on Craven County Schools YouTube channel.

The agenda is as follows:
A. Regular Board Agenda
1. Call to Order
2. Adoption of Agenda
3. Safety Procedures
B. Invocation
C. Pledge of Allegiance
D. Recognition of Parent Representative
E. Recognition of Principal and Teacher of the Year
F. Superintendent’s Report
1. Superintendent’s Update
G. Policy and Governance
1. First Reading
a. Policy 3460: Graduation Requirements
b. Policy 4110: Immunization and Health Requirements for School Admission
c. Policy 4150: School Assignment and Reassignment
d. Policy 5000: Schools and the Community
e. Policy 5030: Community Use of Facilities
f. Policy 5240: Advertising in Schools
g. Policy 7430: Substitute Teachers
h. Policy 7500: Workday and Overtime
i. Policy 9000: Planning to Address Facility Needs
j. Policy 9110: Selection and Use of Architects and Engineers
H. Human Resource Services
1. Human Resource Services Report 6 December
2. Master Teacher Program
I. Break
J. Curriculum and Instruction
1. CTE Modernization Grant
2. 2024-25 Academic Calendar Proposals
3. Parents’ Bill of Rights (Senate Bill 49)
4. Out of State Field Trip
K. Systems and Operations
1. Apple Lease
L. Break
M. Public Input – Individuals can sign up to address the Board before the start of the meeting, beginning at 8 a.m.
N. Break
O. Board of Education Meeting Minutes
1. Regular Meeting Minutes
2. Closed Session Meeting Minutes
P. Consent Agenda
1. Policies
a. Policy 2210: Duties of Officers
b. Policy 2330: Board Meeting Agenda
c. Policy 4334/5035/7345: Use of Unmanned Aircraft (Drones)
d. Policy 5015: School Volunteers
e. Policy 5020: Visitors to the Schools
f. Policy 5040: News Media Relations
g. Policy 6220: Operation of School Nutrition Services
h. Policy 6230: School Meal and Competitive Foods Standards
i. Policy 6330: Insurance for Student Transportation Services
j. Policy 6402: Participation by Historically Underutilized Businesses
k. Policy 7232: Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace
l. Policy 7430: Substitute Teachers
m. Policy 7500: Workday and Overtime
Q. Chairman’s Report
1. Discussion of Public Input
R. Break
S. Closed Session
T. Meeting Evaluation (+/∆)
U. Adjourn

Information provided by Heather Nelder, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

By Wendy Card, co-editor. Send an email with comments or questions.