Plans for Craven Habitat for Humanity’s Eubanks Street project pushed back to 2024

A home and adjacent property on Eubanks Street in New Bern is under consideration for a possible Habitat for Humanity housing development.

Plans to build new houses off of Eubanks Street in New Bern have been pushed back until after the New Year, according to Redevelopment Commission Executive Director Zeb Hough.

In July, Tracey Lilly, executive director of Habitat for Humanity of Craven County, appeared before the Commission to request that the board donate a house located at 911 Eubanks Street as well as two adjacent properties. She said Habitat is also seeking a third, 19 x 98 foot “sliver” property in the same area that is owned jointly by the City of New Bern and Craven County. 

According to Lilly, Habitat already has potential homeowners ready to move into the Eubanks Street residence and the adjacent properties would be ideal for newly constructed Habitat houses if all three lots can be obtained.

Lilly said it would cost Habitat approximately $180,000 to build a home comparable to the existing Eubanks Street house from the ground up.

During their August 9 meeting, the Commission voted to approve the donation of the RDC-owned properties to Habitat for Humanity and recommended that the city and county consider conveying the “sliver” property to Habitat as well. 

The approval of the donation came with the stipulation that the properties must be developed and sold “at low cost with low interest to qualifying low-to-moderate income persons” and that Habitat must provide the RDC with an audit showing evidence that they can comply with those conditions every fiscal year. 

Under the agreement, Habitat must obtain building permits to construct single family residences within 12 months of the closing date and will have 24 months to complete construction. If Habitat fails to comply with those conditions, title to the properties would revert back to the RDC, according to Assistant City Attorney Jaimee Bullock-Mosley.

During the Redevelopment Commissions November 8 meeting, Hough told the board that the conveyance of the Eubanks Street property to Habitat for Humanity was being delayed because of the need for the City of New Bern to file an amendment to its fiscal year 2020 and 2021 Annual Action Plans for the use of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds. 

A resolution calling for a public hearing on the amendment is included as part of the New Bern Board of Aldermen’s November 14 consent agenda.

The amendment states, “Funds will be provided to the Redevelopment Commission to be used to rehabilitate a single-family home, which will be donated to Habitat for Humanity and sold to an eligible low-and moderate-income household in the Greater Five Points Area of the City.”

The following timeline has been developed for submission of the amendment:

-Nov. 14 – Call for public hearing at Board of Aldermen meeting.

-Nov. 28 – Public hearing for substantial amendment at Board of Aldermen meeting. 

-Dec. 12 – Adoption of substantial amendment by Board of Aldermen.

-Dec. 13 – Submission of substantial amendment to HUD by CDBG staff.

By Todd Wetherington, co-editor. Send an email with questions or comments.